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How to Order Tungsten Oxide

1. Spec. 

Product/Synonyms Chemical Formula Grain Size (um) WO3 Content (%) Color Analysis
Yellow Tungsten Oxide / Tungsten Trioxide / YTO WO3 12~20 ≥99.95 Yellow or Yellow Green Analysis
Yellow Tungsten Oxide / Tungsten Trioxide / YTO WO3 0.6~1.8 ≥99.90 Bright Yellow Analysis
Blue Tungsten Oxide / BTO WO2.9 12~19 ≥99.95 Dark Blue Analysis
Violet Tungsten Oxide / VTO WO2.72 10~18 ≥95.00 Dark Violet Analysis
Ammonium Paratungstate / APT / / ≥88.5 White Analysis
Ammonium Metatungstate / AMT / / ≥90.0 White Analysis

2. Quantity
Since the sensitivity of tungsten oxide, it should be exported with quota which should issue from government whose minimum quantity is 1000kgs. According to different inquiry, we offer different purchasing method as following:

Quantity /KG Cost Description (Need to be borne on user's side) /
0~0.05 Free sample for research delivery cost + bank fee (USD 30) Delivery Cost Table A
0.05~0.99 Sample cost (USD 90) + bank fee + delivery cost Delivery Cost Table B
1.00~10.00 Sample cost (USD 90/KG)+delivery cost + bank fee Order
10.00~100.00 Could be delivered by EMS without quota and SGS certificated only quantity is under 10kgs. Should be delivered separately. Order
100.00~500.00 Please discuss with us. Order
500.00~1,000.00 Issue quota with 1,000kgs used for exporting 500kgs for example. Order
1,000.00~ CIF, at least 30 days needed to issue quota Order

3. Special Provisions
Because of sensitivity of tungsten related powder, there are several areas that we are not able to export directly. An alternative port in other country is necessary to provide. Please contact to us, if the end users happened to in these areas.

4. Packing
Iron drums with double plastic bags innered by 100kgs or 200kgs net each. Other packing requirement, please feel free to discuss with us.


If you have any interest in tungsten oxide, please feel free to contact us by email: sales@chinatungsten.com or by telephone:+86 592 5129696.


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