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Tungsten Trioxide Spectrum

Tungsten Trioxide XRD
Tungsten Trioxide XRD
XRD(X-Ray Diffraction) is through X-Ray diffraction of material, then analyze its spectrum, the component, atomic or molecular structure and form can be obtained.

Tungsten Trioxide Phase Spectrum
WO3 SnO2 phase diagram
Phase spectrum can be divided into two category, one is narrow sense spectrum, the other is broad sense.

Tungsten Trioxide Near Infrared Spectrum
WO3 SiO2 diagram infrared
Tungsten trioxide near infrared spectrum is the analytical spectrum of infrared spectrometer. Infrared spectrometer is using different absorption for different material and then analyze the molecular structure and chemical components. The spectrometer is consisted of illuminant, monochromator, detector and computer information process system. According to different spectroscope apparatus, it can be divided into dispersion and interferential.

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