Tungsten Trioxide Hydrogen Reduction

Tungsten trioxide hydrogen reduction is one of the producing methods of tungsten powder. The process is firstly reducing tungsten trioxide to tungsten dioxide under 500~700℃. Secondly, reducing tungsten dioxide to tungsten powder under 700~900℃.

Tungsten is rare and nonferrous metal, it often appears dark gray. During the process of producing nano tungsten powder, high quality nano tungsten trioxide is required which is the most important raw material.

WO3 and hydrogen reduction furnace


The detailed producing process is:
1.Input nano tungsten trioxide in hydrogen rotary furnace, and inject hydrogen gas.
2.Reacting for 1 hour under 580℃.
3.Heat up to 800℃ and then reacting for 1 hour.
4.The reacting powder is cooled down in the rotary with protection of hydrogen gas, then tungsten powder is obtained.

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