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Phosphotungstic Acid Application

Phosphotungstic acid application includes catalyst, printing and dyeing, coloring agent, biological sample dyeing, protein precipitation and bipolar ion exchange membrane.

Phosphotungstic Acid Catalyst

Phosphotungstic acid can be used as catalyst like other acid, its acidity and thermal stability is relative high, its solution can be used as homogeneous catalyst and heterogeneous catalyst.

Dyeing and Coloring Agent

Phosphotungstic acid is once used in precipitating with different dyeing which forms into precipitating dyeing, such as alkali dyeing.

Biological Sample Dyeing

Phosphotungstic acid staining the biological sample mainly use in conjunction with hematoxylin, known as phosphotungstic acid - hematoxylin staining; three-color staining reagent, such agents include two or three staining agents, with phosphotungstic acid used in conjunction with each of these dyes and may be used in tandem, or use in a program at the same time. Phosphotungstic acid negative stain will be organized by the suction surface of the virus, and phosphotungstic acid itself has a high electron density.

Phosphotungstic Acid Precipitating Protein

In many analytical methods, phosphotungstic acid is frequently used to precipitate protein. It is once regarded as multi precipitation of acute phase proteins. Later, study finds that it can form precipitation with guanidine and imidazolyl.

Phosphotungstic Acid Solid PicturePhosphotungstic Acid Hematoxylin Dyeing Picture

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