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Titanium Tungsten Powder

Titanium tungsten powder is main component of denitration catalyst, a white powder insoluble in water with anatase structure, without toxic substance of vanadium pentoxide (V2O5), and belongs to safe and new type materials.

Denitration Catalyst Dedicated Titanium Tungsten Powder PictureTitanium Tungsten Powder Picture

Preparation of Titanium Tungsten Powder

Study pointed out one method for preparing titanium tungsten powder of denitration catalyst with the steps like following:
1. Preparation of meta-titanic acid: Respectively add titanyl sulfate solution and dispersant into the thermostatic reactor, stirring and adding carbonate aqueous solution dropwise in a constant temperature, adjusting pH value to a suitable range and keep stirring until obtain solids, then washing, drying the solids to obtain meta-titanic acid particles;
2. Preparation of composite particles: Crushing the meta-titanic acid particles and dissolving in the second reactor with solution containing tungsten, followed by adding Tween 80 and stirring at a constant temperature, then heating to evaporate and obtaining the composite particles;
3.Post-treatment: Drying and calcining the composite particles to obtain titanium tungsten powder.

In addition, the introduction of tungsten ions is not a simple physical mixing and kneading machine, kneading, which is the correct introducing methods and amount of tungsten ions can ensure the reasonable distribution of tungsten ions, crystalline structure of TiO2 being stability, reasonable adsorption sites, stable surface area, strong anti-poisoning ability, high catalytic efficiency, stability and longer life.

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