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Phosphotungstic Acid Negative Staining

Phosphotungstic acid negative staining is in relatively terms to positive staining. Negative staining is a kind of preparing electron microscopy sample under which the image is contrast so as to observe particle material or biological biomacromolecule in the sample. Use metal salt to stain the sample on the carrying net, there is no staining accumulates on the convex particle. After dyeing, observed by electron microscopy, the observing object is light, background is dark.

Milk Drops Phosphotungstic Acid Negative Staining SEMPhosphotungstic Acid Negative Staining SEM

Phosphotungstic acid negative staining was firstly put up by Hall in 1955. He found in the virus research by phosphotungstic acid negative staining, the background of image is dark, virus is clear on the contrast. In the staining of thin cutting pieces, the electron density of sample is intensified after dyeing, it appears dark in the image.

Phosphotungstic Acid Negative Staining Solution
Phosphotungstic acid negative staining solution is biological negative staining, it has many different specifications which includes phosphotungstic acid negative staining solution(2%), phosphotungstic acid negative staining solution (3%) and phosphotungstic acid negative staining solution (5%).

Phosphotungstic Acid Negative Staining Principle
Phosphotungstic acid negative staining principle is by using heavy metal salt, dyeing the sample on the carrier net, absorbing dyes, dry the sample, spread a thin layer of sample with heavy metal salt, the projection place has no dye deposition, thus appears negative staining effect.

Phosphotungstic Acid Negative Staining Preparation
Phosphotungstic acid negative staining solution preparation mainly uses sodium tungstate and phosphotungstic acid as raw material, acidifier like hydrochloric acid is needed. Use distilled or phosphoric acid buffer solution to prepare 1%~3% solution. Before use the solution, adjust pH value to 6.4~7.0 or the needed value of experiment by 1mol/L sodium hydroxide solution.

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