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Phosphotungstic Acid Reduction Method

Phosphotungstic acid reduction method is by using phosphotungstic acid reduction property, due to its solubility in water, its reducing product is tungsten blue, so it is used as indicator to test uric acid content.

Phosphotungstic Acid Reduction Method Test Uric Acid
1. Prepare 3 test tubes with specification 16mm x 100mm, mark with Test Tube ‘U’, Standard Tube ‘S’, Blank Tube ‘B’.
2. Add 4.5ml tungstic acid agent into tubes separately, then add 0.5ml serum in ‘U’, 0.5ml uric acid standard solution in ‘S’, 0.5ml distilled water in ‘B’, stay still for 10minutes, configuration and precipitation.
3. Prepare another three 16x100mm tube, mark the same sign, add 2.5 liquid separately, add 0.5ml sodium carbonate 100g/L in three tubes.
4. Mix evenly, put under room temperature for 10 minutes, add phosphoric acid solution 0.5ml.
5. Mix evenly, put under room temperature for 20min, at wavelength 660nm, set ‘B’ to zero, read absorbancy of ‘U’ and ‘S’.

Phosphotungstic Acid ImageUric Acid Molecular Structure

Phosphoric Acid Reduction Method Principle
Phosphoric acid reduction method is filtrating protein serum uric acid in alkaline solution and being oxidized to allantoin phosphotungstic acid and carbon dioxide, phosphotungstic acid is reuced to tungsten blue, the amount of tungsten blue is proportional to the concentration of uric acid, can be determined by colorimetric.

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