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Phosphotungstic Acid Aqueous Solution

Phosphotungstic Acid Aqueous Solution Picture

Chinese Name: 磷钨酸水溶液
CAS Number: 12501-23-4
Application: In biological experiment, it is usually used as fixing agent, as sample in dyeing experiment.

Phosphotungstic acid aqueous solution is phosphotungstic acid soluble in water, widely used in negative stain. Negative stain is one of electron staining, the background is high electron density field, sample is low electron density field. Forms into negative contrast and usually used for viruses and other biological macromolecules ovservation. Phosphotungstic acid aqueous solution is unstable to light, the solution will slowly become blue after restored, which generated the "Blue tungsten". Therefore, often used as the indicator for the determination of protein and uric acid.

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