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What Is the Toxicity of Tungsten Carbide Powder and How To Protect?

Tungsten dust can cause peribronchitis, peribronchiolitis, closed bronchiolitis and atrophic emphysema. Tungsten carbide powder has toxicity and can cause the proliferative reaction of lymph tissue cells in the lung and gradually appear sclerosis. The blood vessel wall is thickened and homogenized. Personnel exposed to tungsten carbide dust at work have gastrointestinal dysfunction, kidney irritation, and catarrhal inflammation in the upper respiratory tract. The maximum allowable concentration of tungsten carbide is 6mg/m3. In the United States, the maximum allowable concentration of soluble tungsten compounds (calculated by tungsten) is 1mg/m3, and that of insoluble tungsten compounds (calculated by tungsten) is 5mg/m3. Use qualified gas mask, dust suit, gloves and glasses. Dust leakage shall be prevented at all stages of production. Workers should have physical examination before employment, and they should have regular examination once a year. When there are obvious symptoms in the upper respiratory tract, temporarily transfer to work and get out of contact with tungsten. In case of pulmonary sclerosis or external respiratory dysfunction, you should be transferred from work.

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