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Thio Ammonium Tungstate

ammonium tetrathiotungstate formula picture

Thio ammonium tungstate is an important class of thio metal salt, and the common two kinds are dithio ammonium tungstate and ammonium tetrathiotungstate. The hermal decomposition of thio ammonium tungstate can get intermediate product of thio tungsten oxide, and has important significance for the study of phase transitions of tungsten oxide catalyst pre-curing process, and is an important precursor for the preparation of high activity hydrogenation catalyst. Thio metal salt is widely used in the preparation of biological fields, enzymatic and non-supported catalyst precursor.

Dithio ammonium tungstate with the formula of [(NH4)2WO2S2], it is prepared by the raw materials of ammonium metatungstate, concentrated aqueous ammonia and ammonium sulfide solution through dissolving with stirring, vacuum filtration, and washing such steps and finally obtained.

Ammonium tetrathiotungstate is an inorganic tungsten compound with its chemical formula of (NH4)2WS4. Ammonium tetrathiotungstate can be obtained by the reaction of tungstic acid, ammonia and hydrogen sulfide, the reaction is carried out at 65 ~ 70 ℃ water bath and the equation is:

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