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Bismuth Phosphotungstate

Chinese Name: 磷钨酸铋
English Name: Bismuth Phosphotungstate
Chemical Formula: BiPW12O40
Appearance: Green Powder

Bismuth phosphotungstate is a bismuth salt of phosphotungstic acid, prepared from raw materials of phosphotungstic acid and bismuth trichloride by metathesis method, microwave solid-phase synthesis method. Phosphotungstic acid bismuth is a new type of green polyoxometalate catalyst, can be used in catalytic synthesis of oleic acid n-butyl acetate, heterogeneous catalytic synthesis of cyclohexyl acetate and other researches.

phosphotungstic acid and bismuth phosphotungstate XRDbismuth phosphotungstate TG-DTG

Bismuth Phosphotungstate to Prepare Metathesis Method

1. Weigh 11.5g (4mmol) phosphotungstic acid (HPW) and dissolve in 10mL of water to completely dissolve with constant stirring;
2. Add 1.3g (4mol) bismuth trichloride (BiCl3) to the above solution and stir for 2h to carry out a metathesis reaction, the reaction formula as follows:
3. Place the resulting solution in oven for drying for 4 hours at 110℃ to give an off-white solid;
4. Generate the green solid powder of bismuth phosphotungstate after calcining at 400℃ for 3 hours.

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