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12-Tungstosilicic Acid

12-tungstosilicic acid molecular structure image

Chinese Name: 12-钨硅酸
CB Number: CB1259634
Molecular Weight: H4O40SiW12
MOL Document: 12520-88-6.mol

12-Tungstosilicic acid has advantages of strong B acid sites and evenly spread, its surface area is very small, the catalytic activity of the esterification reaction is not higher than under assistance of ultrasound, reacting with other compounds will generate catalyst with higher catalytic activity. 12-Tungstosilicic acid after reaction has higher hydrolytic stability and lower oxidative electric potential, catalytic capability is stronger. The surface of acid accelerates the formation of carbon in surface area, has a similar property to graphite and unsaturated polycyclic aromatic structure, a large number of unpaired electrons graph which wont affect the activity of catalyst.

12-Tungstosilicic Acid Producing Method

Acidification - Ether Extraction Method
Weigh sodium tungstate and sodium metasilicate by stoichiometric ratio, stirring with water temperature higher than 90℃ and dissolve, add concentrated hydrochloric acid drop by drop, use ether to extract and hierarchy, take the downside oil layer to remove ether by vacuum, dry and stay over night under 150 ℃.

Sol-gel Method
Take a certain amount of TEOS, hydrolyzed with 40 degrees Celsius water, weigh a certain amount of silicotungstic acid by immobilization with the amount of ethanol to dissolve in TEOS solution. React for 10 hours under 80℃, the obtained gel will dry under 45℃, dry overnight at about 150℃ to obtain 12-tungstosilicic acid.

12-Tungstosilicic Acid Application

1. Catalyst to synthesis apple oil, the reaction time is short, the esterification rate is high, post treatment process is simple without a lot of waste acid emissions, it is environmental friendly catalyst, in line with requirement of green chemistry development.
2. Synthesis octahedral lattice vacancy heteropolyacid salt, which is called 11-tungsten silicate.
3. It can improve workability, solubility and firm-forming properties of polyaniline, can doping PANI polymeric material by emulsion polymerization method, the composite material has a good sensitivity of ammonia can be obtained.

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