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Sodium Tungstate Chemical Reaction

Sodium tungstate is white flaky crystal or crystalline powder with shiny, soluble in water, insoluble in ethanol, slightly soluble in ammonia; it can chemically react with a strong acid, such as hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, and alkali metal salts.

Sodium Tungstate Indicator Measuring Iron Content

In the process of detecting total iron, sodium tungstate can be the indicator. The steps are as follows: iron sample melted with alkali at high temperature and leached with acid; heating the leachate to near boiling and adding stannous chloride solution until the solution turns to pale yellow, cooling down; add indicator of sodium tungstate and titanium trichloride to turn out tungsten blue; add a few drops of copper solution, shaking to fade tungsten blue.

Chemical Reaction of Sodium Tungstate and Sodium Sulfide

Sodium tungstate reacts with tungsten sulfide to generate sulfide sodium tungstate, invention has pointed out its application in the preparation process of lubricant additive. The tungsten trioxide, molybdenum trioxide and water, sodium hydroxide as raw materials, the reaction will get sodium tungstate, then add sodium sulfide to obtain sulfide sodium tungstate, add catalyst , nitrogen gas, base oil of lubricating oil to finally obtain lubricant additive.

Chemical Reaction of Sodium Tungstate and Sulfuric Acid

Add sulfuric acid into sodium tungstate will precipitate tungstic acid, and the chemical equation is: Na2WO4+H2SO4+=Na2SO4+H2WO4

sodium tungstate pictureyellow tungstic acid image

Chemical Reaction of Sodium Tungstate and Lead Nitrate

Sodium tungstate and lead nitrate will carry out a chemical reaction to generate lead tungstate (PWO) and sodium nitrate, which is the primary method for preparing PWO, the equation is:Na2WO4+Pb(NO3)2→PbWO4+ 2NaNO3
PWO is an important inorganic scintillator material, because of its excellent scintillation performance, short decay time, high hardness of radiation, high density and low cost and other advantages; it has a very wide range of applications in photocatalysis, microwave, scintillator, light, optical fiber, detector and many other areas.

Chemical Reaction of Nitric Acid and Sodium Tungstate

Sodium tungstate reacts with nitric acid to get tungstic acid and sodium nitrate, following is the equation: Na2WO4+2HNO3→H2WO4+2NaNO3. Research indicates that an aqueous solution of inorganic acid and alkali metal tungstate can obtain tungstic acid.

Chemical Reaction of Sodium Tungstate and Hydrochloric Acid

Hydrochloric acid is the most suitable inorganic acid for reaction with sodium tungstate to prepare tungstic acid, and the equation is: Na2WO4+2HCl→H2WO4+2NaCl
Tungstic acid is amorphous yellow powder with almost insoluble in an aqueous acidic solution, but the new can form colloidal solution in the water treatment process.

Chemical Reaction of Sodium Tungstate and Ammonium Chloride

Sodium tungstate and ammonium chloride in an acidic aqueous solution heated evaporative crystallization to produce sodium ammonium double salt, the process belongs to the production of tungsten powder, the reaction equation is:
Sodium ammonium double salt will directly convert into "blue tungsten class" in hydrogen atmosphere, or calcined to "yellow tungsten", then carried out hydrogen reduction, washed with water to remove sodium tungstate to obtain tungsten powder.

Chemical Reaction of Sodium Tungstate and Hydrochloric Acid and Zinc

Sodium tungstate will react with hydrochloric acid and zinc, zinc will reduce hexavalent tungsten to tetravalent, to generate tungsten dioxide, and the reaction equation is:

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