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Lanthanum Phosphotungstate

Chinese Name: 磷钨酸镧
English Name: Lanthanum Phosphotungstate
Chemical Formula: LaPW12O40

Lanthanum phosphotungstate is a rare earth element doped heteropolyphosphatotungstate, a new environmentally friendly catalyst with good performance. Lanthanum phosphotungstate has different structures according to its variety heteropolyanion with the common two structures of Keggin and Dawson. Preparation of lanthanum phosphotungstate usually takes phosphotungstic acid and lanthanum nitrate as the raw material, through metathesis method or other methods to get, while lanthanum phosphotungstate structures may be quite different by different methods.

phosphotungstic acid SEMlanthanum picture

Preparation of Lanthanum Phosphotungstate

1. Weight a certain amount of phosphotungstic acid (PWA) and add some water and ethanol to make it dissolved to form a clear transparent solution;
2. Add a certain amount of lanthanum nitrate hydrate at conditions of 60~80℃ and stirring to react for 120min at a state of reflux;
3. Distill to remove alcohol and part of water at atmospheric pressure, and then the product is cooled to room temperature, crystallized and aged, filtered to finally get LaPW12O40•nH2O;
4. Drying for 2.0 hours under a temperature of 150℃, then going on a calcination for 3.0 hours at 300 ℃ to obtain lanthanum phosphotungstate.

Lanthanum Phosphotungstate Catalyst

Lanthanum phosphotungstate catalyst has a high catalytic activity for the synthesis of lanthanum acetal (ketone) product, with short reaction time, simple process, and being an environmentally friendly catalyst, ultimately providing a new way for the industrial production of acetal (ketone) compound. Researching result of lanthanum phosphotungstate catalyst catalyzed the oxidation of H2O2 for cyclohexanone synthesizing adipic acid showed that under optimal conditions, the yield of adipic acid is 68.0% with less lanthanum phosphotungstate and the catalytic activity is still well after reused seven times. Additionally, Dawson structure lanthanum phosphotungstate catalyzed Adipic Acid showed that under the optimal reaction conditions, the yield of adipic acid can up to 86.5%, and after repeated 5 times, the yield of adipic acid is still maintained at 74.1%.

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