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Tungsten Oxychloride

Tungsten Oxychloride Molecular Structure Image

Chinese Name: 氧氯化钨
Chinese Alias: 氧代氯化钨,氯氧化钨(VI),氧代氯化钨(VI)
English Name: Tungsten Oxychloride
English Alias: Tungsten(VI) Oxychloride, Tungsten Oxide Chloride, Tungsten(VI) Oxychloride, Tungsten Oxychloride 99%, Tungsten Oxytetrachloride, Tungsten(VI) Chloride Oxide, Tungsten Tetrachloride Oxide, Tungsten(VI) Oxychloride 98%, Wolfram(VI) Tetrachlorideoxide, Tungsten Chloride Oxide(WCL4O) CBNumber:CB3733473
Molecular Formula: WOCl4,WO2Cl2
Molecular Weight: 341.65
MOL File:13520-78-0.mol
CAS Number: 13520-78-0
EINECS Number: 236-863-7
PubChem Number: 24856049
Melting Point: 211 °C(lit.)
Boiling Point: 337°C
Hazard Symbols: Xi,C
Risk Codes: 36/37/38-34
Safety Instructions: 26-37/39-45-36/37/39
Transport Information: 3262

Tungsten Oxychloride Photo

Tungsten oxychloride can be obtained by heating tungsten oxide tungsten (Ⅵ) and tungsten chloride (Ⅵ) to a certain temperature; it is long red needles, extremely sensitive to atmospheric moisture, may be harmful to the environment, and the water should be given attention.

Property and Stability of Tungsten Oxychloride

1. Tungsten oxychloride can relatively dissolve in organic solvents;
2. Generate a dark red solution in dioxane and acetone;
3. Generate blue-green solution in cyclohexanone;
4. It gives off hydrogen chloride and generate a clear solution in the ethanol and dimethoxyethanol;
5. Tungsten oxychloride (Ⅵ) will react violently and form a colorless solution in ammonia or sodium hydroxide solution;
6. It will react with water, hydrochloric acid and nitric acid to produce a yellow-green precipitate;
7. It is soluble in CS2, S2Cl2, benzene, and decomposed in cool and hot water.

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