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Tungsten Oxide Solar Cell

tungsten oxide solar cell

Tungsten oxide solar cell selects stable transition metal oxide of tungsten as modified layer of anode, nano tungsten oxide material has the advantages of non-toxic, harmless and easy to prepare, stable performance, low price and good response to visible light, etc., and being an ideal semiconductor material of photoelectrochemical reaction system photoanode, tungsten oxide thin film electrode is widely used in photoelectrochemical field such as photolysis of water splitting, photolysis degradation of organic pollutants and solar cell.

Solar cell is also known as "Solar chip" or "photovoltaic cell", a photoelectric semiconductor slice which directly uses solar energy to generate electricity. As long as it is irradiated to the light which meets certain illuminance conditions, it will output voltage instantly and generate circuit current in condition of loop exists.

Experiments developed a new cost-efficient tungsten trioxide pair of electrodes, and in-depth study of its catalytic properties of mechanism and DSCs from the three important angles of chemical composition, morphology, surface structure. To further reduce the cost of the battery and improve its stability, flexible tungsten trioxide electrode pair has been successfully prepared based on cheap carbon electrode material with Pt-free and ITO-free, and also studied their catalytic and DSCs performance in the proposed solid electrolyte. Furthermore, low conductive carbon paste inorganic perovskite solar system, which was successfully constructed based on the carbon back electrode HTM-free and Metal-free dielectric, the above-mentioned low-cost carbon materials through a simple solvent exchange method for the preparation of organic View perovskite heterojunction solar cells and flat heterojunction perovskite tungsten oxide solar cell.

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