Sodium Metatungstate

Sodium Metatungstate

Sodium metatungstate also known as hexasodium tungstate hydrate and it is a white crystal. Its physical properties are shown below:
Chemical formula: Na6O39W12
Molecular weight: 2968.01
Density: 3.1g/ml
Refractive index: 1.5555
Related systems numbers of Na6O39W12 are as follows:
CAS registry number: 12141-67-2
MDL number: MFCD00061466
EINECS number: 412-770-9
PubChem ID: 24886321.

Sodium metatungstate is stable at room temperature and atmospheric pressure, but to avoid contact the material and oxide and it should be sealed and stored at room temperature which somewhere is ventilated and dry.

Sodium metatungstate to water has a certain degree hazard and even a small amount of this product contact with groundwater will pollute the drinking water. So without permission from the relevant government cannot release the material into the surrounding environment. Meanwhile, the products have a certain irritation, if accidentally touching the eyes and skin to use plenty of water clean it and go to hospital to treatment. Therefore, during at the operation, the worker should to take some protective measures, such as wearing protective glasses, protective masks and protective clothing and so on.

The application of sodium metatungstate in the field of geology mainly shows in separation of mineral and sedimentary rocks. It provides a new way of the fine grain of pure mineral separation. There are three main types of the micro granular single mineral separation: artificial selection, chemical separation and density of separation. The density separation method is simple and stable. But the commonly heavy liquid toxic has bad smell. Operation requirement for equipment is very high. The sodium metatungstate has many properties, such as non-toxic, easy preparation, high density and is widely used in geological and mineral separation industry laboratory assignments.

Multiple scientists have used sodium metatungstate to study the mineral separation. For example, Roz found sodium metatungstate added ferrosilicon can be used in the classification of mineral density, and this method is safe and simple. Using sodium metatungstate to separate and purify microgranular conodont has the advantages of safety, high efficiency and it’s easy to operate. With the application of sodium metatungstate in geological laboratory, mineral purification process will be safe, simple and stable. And sodium metatungstate also can be recycled to reach the purpose of saving cost and no secondary pollution. In addition, people also use sodium metatungstate to separate sedimentary rocks and analyze the organic matter in rock sediment. In this way, we can better study distribution, occurrence, mineral composition, chemical composition, structure, classification, origin, evolution history and metallogenic relationship of the rocks.

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