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Chinatungsten Online manufactures three types of tungsten oxide, blue tungsten oxide, yellow tungsten oxide and violet tungsten oxide. Produced by rotary calcining APT at closely controlled temperatures in a reducing atmosphere, we offer different types of tungsten oxide with the primary difference being oxygen content. Blue tungsten oxide (BTO, WO2.9) is primarily used to produce tungsten metal powder for fine tungsten carbide powders and wire. The second type of tungsten oxide, yellow tungsten oxide (YTO, WO3), is produced by roasting APT to drive off water and/or ammonia and is used to manufacture coarser WC powders. We can control physical characteristics of our tungsten oxide by varying time and temperature. The third type of tungsten oxide, violet tungsten oxide (VTO, WO2.72or W18O49)  

Preparation of highly dispersed tungsten oxide on MCM-41 via atomic layer deposition and its application to butanol dehydration.

Highly dispersed tungsten oxide on MCM-41 was synthesized using a novel atomic layer deposition (ALD) method. BET, XRD, XPS, NH3-TPD, and pyridine-IR were used to study the physicochemical properties of the supported tungsten oxides. In this study, the maximum loading of tungsten oxide on MCM-41 that could be prepared using the modified ALD method was 27.0 wt%. It was confirmed that the textural properties of the mesoporous silica were maintained after tungsten oxide loading. The NH3-TPD and Py-IR results indicated that weak acid sites, mainly Lewis acid sites, were produced over the WO3/MCM-41 samples. Moreover, 2-butanol dehydration was performed to demonstrate the potential advantages of the WO3/MCM-41 catalysts. The WO3/MCM-41 catalyst with 27.0 wt% tungsten oxide loading showed the highest activity in the dehydration of 2-butanol, which was attributed to the highest overall number of acid sites among the WO3/MCM-41 catalysts. The highly dispersed tungsten oxide on MCM-41 prepared via ALD can be an effective catalyst for producing butenes through 2-butanol dehydration.

The min manufacture quantity of our tungsten oxide is 1,000kgs.

If you have any interest in tungsten oxide, please feel free to contact us by email: sales@chinatungsten.com or by telephone:+86 592 5129696.


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