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Tungsten Disulfide Producing Method

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Producing method of tungsten disulfide(WS2) is a lot, and different preparing methods will generate tungsten disulfide with the different crystal form.
1. Directly synthesized with W and S in the atmosphere of pure nitrogen under 800~900℃, it will obtain hexagonal type of β-WS2
2. Inlet the vapor sulfur into tungsten trioxide (WO3) under the temperature of 1400℃, orthorhombicα-WS2 will be generated, the equation is: 2WO3+4S→2WS2+3O2
3. Decomposition of WS3.

Another method for preparing tungsten disulfide is taking ammonium tetrathiotungstate as raw material, and put them in the absence of air, heated at the rate of 100~200℃/hour from room temperature to 700~1200℃ to decompose the material, and maintain this temperature for 24~48 hours, then lowered the temperature at the rate of 30~110℃/hour down to room temperature, pulverizing the material to get WS2 powder.

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