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Silver Phosphotungstate

Loaded Type Silver Phosphotungstate Catalyst Photo

Chinese Name: 磷钨酸银
English Name: Silver Phosphotungstate
Chemical Formula: Ag2H1PW12O40
Abbreviation: Ag2HPW

Silver phosphotungstate is a phosphorus tungstate to attract much attention, because it has heteropolyacid Keggin structure, good stability, absorbing visible light, high catalytic activity, cheap, non-toxic and other advantages, and thus becoming a new green catalyst. Factors affecting silver phosphotungstate catalyst catalytic efficiency mainly include the utilization efficiency of light, light-generated electron - hole usage efficiency, stability, ect., and these factors also greatly depend on the silver phosphotungstate’ own properties, such as crystal structure, specific surface area, topography and so on. Therefore, to continuously improve the specific surface area of silver phosphotungstate will greatly help to improve its photocatalytic efficiency.

Preparation Method of Silver Phosphotungstate

1.Traditional method for preparing silver phosphotungstate commonly is precipitation method;
2.In order to increase the specific surface area of silver phosphotungstate, Chinese patent prepared a hollow silver phosphotungstate photocatalyst;
3.Liang Wenting, etc. synthesized silver phosphotungstate nanocubes and transferred them into hollow cubic structure by changing temperature;
4.In addition, a patent has pointed out a process of synthesizing diamond hollow silver phosphotungstate rods from phosphotungstic acid and silver nitrate.

Usage of Silver Phosphotungstate

Silver phosphotungstate can be used as a visible photocatalyst; for the catalytic synthesis of ketal (aldehyde) reaction and catalyzing polymerization of tetrahydrofuran.

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