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Copper Phosphotungstate

Chinese Name: 磷钨酸铜
English Name: Copper Phosphotungstate
Chemical Formula: Cu1.5PW12O40•15H2O

Copper phosphotungstate is a product of reaction between phosphotungstic acid and copper nitrate, mainly used as catalyst for petrochemical oxidative desulfurization, catalytic synthesis of acetyl acetal, tetrahydrofuran, etc..

copper phosphotungstate catalyst XRD spectracopper phosphotungstate FT IR spectra

Copper phosphotungstate catalyzed a series of aldehydes and acetic anhydride synthesis of the corresponding acetyl acetal reaction. Result shows that formaldehyde and acetic anhydride substance ratio is 1:2. Copper phosphotungstate takes amount of aldehyde accounted for only 0.5% (molar ratio) the reaction can be completed in a relatively short period of time, the product yield of 62% to 96%. The catalyst in the presence of ketones and aldehydes at the same time, can selectively react with aldehyde.

Copper Phosphotungstate Preparation
Weigh a certain amount of phosphotungstic acid, add water and alcohol. Keep stirring, add in copper nitrate slowly, keep stirring for 1h, the decomposition reaction will happen. Heat to 80℃, remove alcohol and part of water, cool down to room temperature, crystalline, seasoning, filtering, dry for 2 hours under 120℃ will obtain copper phosphotungstate.

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