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Sodium Polytungstate Ultrasonic High Speed Centrifugation

sodium polytungstate heavy liquid picture

Sodium polytungstate ultrasonic high speed centrifugation can be used to separating minerals. Sodium polytungstate as a newly developed inorganic heavy-fluid is non-toxic, ordorless, has high dissolubility, easy to preparation, stable, high recycle rate and safe in application. Besides that, sodium polytungstate density changes greatly, it can reach 3.1g/cm3(max), which can replace inorganic heavy fluid.

Currently, zeolite separation and purification technology is not mature, due to technical restrictions, mostly for industrial separation method, it is difficult to achieve with a fine mineral zeolite and clay completely separated, so it is difficult to get high purity zeolite . Studies shows that use sodium tungstate separation ultrasonic speed centrifugation to purify Jinyun zeolite and clay, has its advantages, having a wide range of applications in the mineral separation and purification experiments; particularly with regard to the fine mineral separation and purification, has an irreplaceable position.

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