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Tungsten Trioxide Produced by Hydrothermal Method

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Hydrothermal method means in sealed reaction tank such as autoclave, using water solution as reacting system, by heating and adding pressure to create a relative high temperature and high pressure environment. It will let insoluble or soluble material dissolves and recrystallization to process inorganic synthesis and material.

Characteristics of hydrothermal method:
1.Accelerate reaction rate between complex ions.
2.Aggravate the hydrothermal reaction.
3.Accelerate the oxidation reduction electric potential changing apparently.

Hydrothermal method producing tungsten trioxide steps:
1.Weigh sodium dehydrate and sodium chloride under a certain mole ratio and add into distilled water, the concentrate is controlled in a range.
2.Deal with the solution by ultrasound, under magnetic stirring, adjusting pH value of solution by hydrochloric acid, keep stirring to obtain polymeric precursor solution.
3.Move the precursor solution to reaction still, hydrothermal reaction for a while and cool down to room temperature. Clean the obtained material with distilled water and absolute ethyl alcohol, centrifuge and then dry it, WO3 is then obtained.

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