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Tungsten Disulfide Property

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Tungsten disulfide, the gray layered fine crystal or powder with metallic luster, it has two different crystal forms respectively of α-WS2 and β-WS2. Wherein, α-WS2 is the orthorhombic crystals, while β-WS2 is the hexagonal crystal. The unique physical and chemical property of tungsten disulfide decides it to be the best dry film of lubricants, and the best way to solve the surface wearing issues.

Physical Property

Tungsten disulfide appears in gray, hexagonal or orthorhombic crystal system with the layered structure, each of the metal ions is surrounded by an S cluster of triangular prism arranged. Tungsten disulfide is stable in the air, insoluble in water, alcohol, dilute nitric acid and sulfuric acid, however, it can dissolve in the mixture of aqua regia and hydrofluoric acid, molten alkali and alkali metal carbonate.

Chemical Property

Tungsten disulfide has semiconducting and diamagnetic property, it will be decomposed when heated in the air, but its thermal stability is 90°C higher than that of MoS2, and will convert to WO3 when heated in air or oxygen atmosphere. WS2 has good lubricating property and to be a new type of solid lubricant.

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