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Titanium Tungsten Vanadium Powder

Titanium tungsten vanadium powder usually refers to denitration catalyst’s powder, a mixture of titanium dioxide (TiO2), tungsten trioxide (WO3), vanadium pentoxide (V2O5) according to a certain proportion. It is the raw materials of all kinds of denitration catalysts in coal, gas boiler, motor vehicle, while the denitration catalyst is the core of SCR system which accounts for 30% or above of the entire investment of SCR denitration system.

Rare Earth Based Titanium Tungsten Vanadium Powder PhotoTitanium Tungsten Vanadium Powder Photo

The activity of denitration catalyst determines the entire system’s denitration efficiency, while the technology of composition of titanium tungsten vanadium powder directly determines the activity of denitration catalyst. Denitration catalyst will be caused deactivation in operation, and therefore, the recovery of titanium tungsten vanadium powder from the waste denitration catalyst is a very concerned topic.

A study has obtained the titanium tungsten vanadium powder by series process of the waste flue gas denitration catalyst physically broken, high-temperature roasting, grinding to a smaller particle size powder; mixing the resulting powder with sulfuric acid, pressurization and heating to react completely, filtering and adding sodium hydroxide; besides the generated powder can be directly used for the preparation of new denitration catalyst.

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