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Sodium Tungstate Indicator

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Sodium tungstate indicator refers to sodium tungstate as discriminating indicator, generally used in the experiment of determining iron content, such as potassium dichromate volumetric method for the determination of iron content. Currently, the most widely used of capacity method measuring iron is by the reduction of titanium trichloride, and odium tungstate as the reducing discrimination indicator, copper ion catalysis and oxidation of excess titanium (Ⅲ) ion, then titrated through the conventional method. Part of amendment program about the standard mercury-free measuring iron is also using sodium tungstate as reduction indicator.

Sodium tungstate as the indicator to determining iron content is according to the valence change to produce tungsten blue, and then the solution will turn blue to intuitive showing completion of response. Some scholars have proposed a method of measuring metallic iron and ferrous content in titanium and vanadium ore, using iodine-ethanol EDTA to dissolve metal iron, and improve the selective dissolution of metallic iron, eliminate the interference of low valence titanium, thus to improve the accuracy of the analysis; while sodium tungstate is taken as an indicator in the determination of ferrous, then trivalent titanium will reduce hexavalent tungsten to get tungsten blue, then titrated with potassium dichromate until the blue disappeared, and eliminate the interference of low price titanium. Meanwhile, sodium tungstate indicator can also be used in the iron content measurement experiments of vanadium-titanium magnetite, boron and magnesium ore and other minerals which contain iron.

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