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Phosphotungstic Acid Hydrate

Chinese Name: 磷钨酸水合物
Chemical Formula: H3PO4.12(WO3).xH2O
Molecular Weight: 2898.07
Melting Point: ~95°C
CAS Number: 12501-23-4
Danger Code: C
Danger Grade: R34
Safety Grade: S36/37/39
Storage and Transport: Absorbent easily, should be sealed and kept in cool and dry place.

Phosphotungstic acid hydrate is phosphotungstic acid, it is transparent or light yellow fine crystalline, it has acidity and oxidation property which is multi-functional newly developed catalyst and has high catalytic property, stable and can be used in homogeneous phase and heterogeneous reaction, even phase transition catalyst. It is also environmental friendly, slightly efflorescene and soluble in alcohol, ether and water.

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Phosphotungstic Acid Application
Phosphotungstic acid can be used in various biological alkali, nitrogenous base, phenol, protein, peptone, amino acids, uric acid, urea, blood and carbohydrates. Also being used in mass organic synthesis reaction catalyst.

Phosphotungstic acid hydrate agent mainly includes chromatography reagents and biochemical reagents, used to separate medicine, appraisal, and toxicology studies of chemical poisons, medicolegal expertise and analysis of biological material. It is also used as precipitants, oxidants and color agent, precipitants and oxidation, such as analysis atropine, aminopyrine, quinine, procaine and cocaine. Besides that, use thin-layer chromatography to detect steroids, ethanol phosphotungstic acid is needed. By analyzing the generating phosphotungstic acid testing result, phosphorus contained pesticides of fruits, vegetables, plants and foods can be identified.

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