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3D Printing Spherical Tungsten Powder National Standard

3D Printing Spherical Tungsten Powder National Standard

GB/T 41338-2022 (Tungsten and tungsten alloy powder for additive manufacturing)

This document specifies the technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules, marking, packaging, transportation, storage, accompanying documents and order form for tungsten and tungsten alloy powders for additive manufacturing.
This document applies to tungsten and tungsten alloy powders for additive manufacturing.

2. Normative References
The content in the following documents constitutes the essential provisions of this document through normative references in the text. Among them, for dated references, only the version corresponding to the date applies to this document; for undated references, the latest version (including all amendments) applies to this document.
GB/T1479. 1 Metal powders - Determination of bulk density - Part 1: Funnel method
GB/T1480 Metal powders - Determination of particle size by dry sieving
GB/T1482 Metal powders - Determination of fluidity - Standard funnel method (Hall flow meter)
GB/T4324 (all parts) Methods for chemical analysis of tungsten
GB/T5162 Metal powders - Determination of tap density
GB/T5314 powder for powder metallurgy - sampling method
GB/T14265 General Rules for Analytical Methods of Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon and Sulfur in Metallic Materials
GB/T19077 Particle size distribution Laser diffraction method
GB/T 35351 Additive manufacturing Terminology

3. Terms and Definitions
The terms and definitions defined in GB/T 35351 apply to this document.

4. Technical Requirements
4. 1 Chemical composition
The chemical composition of the product should meet the requirements in Table 1.

For full content, please click here for PDF: GB/T 41338-2022 3D Printing Tungsten Powder National Standard

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