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Ammonium Paratungstate Application

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Ammonium paratungstate (APT) as intermediate material of powder metallurgy industry, its application is listed as below:
1.It is used to produce yellow tungsten oxide or blue tungsten oxide, then used to produce tungsten metal powder and other tungsten products such as tungsten wire, tungsten rod and tungsten carbide products. It is also the main application of APT.
2.Under thermal decomposition it can be used to produce ammonium metatungstate.
3.For most of tungsten products, APT is the mostly used high purity intermediate product. According to the heredity of tungsten property, another application of APT is used as laboratory reagent to produce tungstic acid, tungsten metal powder or tungsten carbide. 4.Coloring agent in ceramic industry.
6.Water absorbent gel.
7.Produce ammonium phosphotungstate and other tungsten compounds.

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