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Tungsten Trioxide and Calcium Hydroxide Reaction

Calcium Tungstate

Tungsten oxide is yellow powder with stable chemical property and anti acid ability. But it can be dissolved in alkali solution such as NaOH, KOH, Ca(OH)2 which will become tungstate.

Calcium hydroxide chemical formula is Ca(OH)2, it is white powder. Also called as slaked lime, hydrated lime. Tungsten trioxide and calcium hydroxide reaction is as following:

Ca2WO4 is calcium tungstate which is also called artificial scheelite. It is important chemical raw material and mainly be used to produce APT, WO3, ferro tungsten, steel alloy, tungsten carbide, tungsten products, tungsten wire, tungsten alloy and other tungsten products. Besides that, other emerging industry such as fluorescent paint, screen pipe for shoot, X-ray and day light.

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