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Tungsten Trioxide Photocatalyst Hydrolysis Hydrogen

Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production

Tungsten trioxide photocatalyst hydrolysis hydrogen and photocatalytic oxygen evolution together forms photocatalytic hydrolysis semi-reaction. Band gap of tungsten trioxide photocatalyst is lower than titanium dioxide and has good visible light responsive. It has better absorption of solar energy. Exposing to sunlight can maintain its anti light corrosion and optical electrical transmission property which is an ideal photocatalyst to water splitting.

Hydrolysis hydrogen technology is found in 1972 by professors from Tokyo that TiO2 single crystalline electrode photocatalyst hydrolysis hydrogen, since then hydrolysis hydrogen from solar cell becomes reality. With development from electrolysis water to semiconductor photocatalyst hydrolysis hydrogen and discovery of photocatalyst besides TiO2, hydrolysis hydrogen by photocatalyst is becoming popular.

In 1976, Hodes firstly applied WO3 in hydrolysis hydrogen system. Since then, WO3 was found to have great photocatalytic property. Cristino use anode oxidation tungsten metal sheet to prepare WO3 photo anode, it shows photoelectrical chemical property and fine charge transfer dynamics property which has high hydrogen production rate. So WO3 is regarded as an ideal photo water splitting catalyst.

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