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Tungsten Disulfide Structure

Tungsten disulfide is a lamellar hexagonal hollow sphere from the microscopic structure; while, on macro, it has sheet structure. S-W-S molecules form the hexagonal network on the tungsten disulfide’s surface, and the inter-layer connected by van der Waals force, which the weak binding force between the layers is easily broken, thereby exhibiting a low coefficient of friction.

phnom penh growth WS2 single layer structure filmthree kinds of tungsten disulfide structure picture

By strictly control the production conditions, we can obtain tungsten disulfide with monolayer atoms structure, the two-dimensional material, compared with the three-dimensional material, the two-dimensional material has a very different electronics and mechanical property, and can be used in many new devices. Pennsylvania State University managed to deposit a small amount of tungsten oxide crystal (WO2) with the thickness less than 1nm, and then let these crystals go through 850ºC temperature sulfur vapor to generate tungsten disulfide, these monolayer tungsten disulfide is made up by a number of triangles honeycomb-shaped structure. At the same time, the researchers found, the edges of these triangular structures strongly light, and the device made of these semiconductor materials has a very high luminous efficiency.

In addition, catalytic surface atmospheric pressure CVD method that the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute used for growing gold substrate, to realize the preparation of millimeter-sized monocrystalline tungsten disulfide of high-quality, uniform monolayer single crystals and large-area film, moreover the electrical property of this film does not attenuate after hundreds of times bending.

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