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Tungstic Acid Property

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Tungstic acid property includes its physical and chemical ones. Usually tungstic acid means yellow tungstic acid, it is a kind of yellow powder, chemical formula is H2WO4 or WO3.H2O. Tungstic acid property is stable in water and acid solution, it cannot dissolve in acid. But the newly born tungstic acid can be made into colloidal solution.

Tungstic acid being heated to 100℃ will lose one molecular water and turns into tungsten trioxide. It cannot dissolved in acid, slightly soluble in hot water, stable under 150℃, can dissolve in strong alkali, ammonia water and hydrofluoric acid.

Tungstic acid was used as intermediate chemical compound for tungsten metallurgy industry, it has been taken place by ammonium paratungstate nowadays. But it is still used as raw material for producing micro tungsten powder and other tungsten compounds and coloring agent for yellow glaze.

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