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Tungstate Radical

tungstate radical picture

Tungstate radical is free ion in tungstic acid and tungstate solution. Tungstate radical in tungstic acid solution often appears in form of WO42- . It often exists as WO42- or (W7O246-) in tungstate solution.

In tungstate solution, the acidity gets stronger, condensation degrees of tungstate radical gets bigger. When concentrate reaches in a certain range, WO3 precipitation will be separated out from strong acidity solution, which is tungstic acid.

Organic polyamine tungstate is a new type of multi-acid compound, deca-tungstate in aqueous solution is very unstable, it will be transformed into multi-tungstate balanced mixture.

Tungstate can suppress stainless steel localized corrosion, its principle is: after WO42- moving in occlusion area will be adsorbed on the metal surface and can be fully or partially substituted adsorbed to replace chlorine ion on the surface. The corrosion products Fe2+ redox reaction of Fe3 + and WO2, tungstate and Fe2+, Fe3+ reacts hardly contain iron tungstate compound and ferrous tungstate covering the anode to form a corrosion protective film, lower occluded self caytalytic rate, thereby inhibiting further development of localized corrosion.

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