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Phosphotungstic Acid Property

Phosphotungstic acid property includes its physical and chemical property, it is heteropolyacid of phosphotungstic acid, chemical formula is H3PW12O40, can be used in catalyst, dyeing, coloring agent, biological sample dyeing, analytical agent, protein precipitants and so on.

Phosphotungstic Acid Physical Property

Phosphotungstic acid has no obvious toxicity, it is stimulating with subacidity.
Appearance: Grey or light yellow crystalline.
Melting Point: 89℃
Solubility: 200g/100ml (water)

Phosphotungstic Acid Chemical Property

1. It will decompose with increase of pH value.
2. It is thermal stable under 400℃, more stable than silicotungstic acid which has similar structure.
3. It can absorb a lot of polar molecular, such as pyridine instead of absorbed on the surface but the inside of molecular.
4. Sensitivity of phosphotungstic acid reduction is weaker than phosphomolybdate, after restored by uric acid or ferrous sulfate will generate brown compound.
5. Phosphotungstic acid is the strongest heteropolyacid, even the pH value is low, it is completely dissociation. phosphotungstic acid phase diagram

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