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Ammonium Tungstate Property

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Ammonium Tungstate Physical Property

Ammonium tungstate is a white rhombic crystal, soluble in water, insoluble in alcohol. Liquid ammonia reacts with tungstic acid can get anhydrous ammonium tungstate.

Ammonium Tungstate Chemical Property

Hydrate ammonium tungstate does not exist, because the ammonium ion force the flocculating of tungstate radical ion moved to weakly alkaline conditions; which is to say, only multi-tungstate can be crystallized from a solution containing with ammonia. Ammonium tungstate will lose four crystal water molecules at 100℃.

Ammonium tungstate mainly for the manufacture of tungsten trioxide or tungsten blue oxide and to produce tungsten metal powder, thus to prepare downstream products of like tungsten series material of tungsten bar, tungsten wire and other electric vacuum materials; alloy series of tungsten carbide, alloy blades, drill bits and mold; wear, pressure and high-temperature resistance of machinery and equipment components. In addition, ammonium tungstate also can be used for the production of ammonium metatungstate, ammonium phosphotungstate and other tungsten compounds, also as an additive for petrochemical industry.

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