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Tungsten Oxide Quantum Dot Material

Semiconductor nanocrystal is quantum dot which is shorted of QDs is the aggregates of atoms and molecules at the nanoscale; the physical behavior of this zero-dimensional system (optical, electrical properties) is similar to atoms, which are often referred to as "Artificial Atoms", in which the electronic energy states of electrons exhibit in discrete level structure which is similar to atoms. Quantum size, small size, interface, surface and macroscopic quantum tunneling effect of nano tungsten oxide make it having more advantages in the optical, magnetic, catalytic and chemical activity and so on.

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Tungsten Oxide Quantum Dot Material Preparation

Currently, there are two ways of soft chemical preparation methods for quantum dot material: one is the synthesis in organic systems by using colloid chemistry methods, the other is the synthesis in an aqueous solution.

Step of preparing tungsten oxide quantum dot material quantum dot materials are as follows:
1.Add tungsten sulfide solid into doubly distilled water for sonication, and filter the sonicated suspension to obtain a cake;
2.Resuspend the collected filter cake in doubly distilled water, and place the solution obtained in step 1 in an autoclave to get hydrothermal product after high-temperature hydrothermal reaction;
3.Filter the hydrothermal reaction product and collect the filtrate to obtain an aqueous solution of tungsten oxide quantum dot.

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