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Tungsten Trioxide Q&A

1.Tungsten trioxide chemical formula?

2.Tungsten trioxide picture?

3.Tungsten trioxide color?
0.6~1.8um is light yellow, 12~20um is yellow green.

4.Why tungsten trioxide will turn dark?
It gets in touch with moisture in the air and turns dark after absorption.

5.Tungsten trioxide price??
You can browse our website http://news.chinatungsten.com/cn/tungsten-oxide-price which have update of price everyday.

6.Tungsten trioxide proportion?
The common used measurement method is cinchonine weight method.

7.Tungsten trioxide band gap?
Tungsten trioxide is akind of indirect band gap transition semiconductor material, it has narrow energy gap:2.5-30.eV, absorption of wavelength is 410-500nm.

8.Tungsten trioxide decomposition temperature?
It will evaporate when temperature reaches 800℃, mass spectroscopic study shows that under 1027-1227℃, WO3 vaporization status mainly appears as polymers like(WO32、W3O8、(WO33、(WO34. Tungsten trioxide reducing tungsten powder, the temperature will reach 900℃.

9.What is tungsten trioxide AR grade?
Introduction: It is sensitive about wet, the color will turn dark when heating. It dissolves in alkali hydroxide solution, slightly dissolve in acid, insoluble in water and has irritation.

10.Tungsten trioxide molecular weight?

11.Tungsten trioxide valence?

12.Is tungsten trioxide toxic?
Tungsten trioxide is odorless, but it will generate ordor gas when reacting with halogen compounds such as bromine pentafluoride and chlorine trifluoride.

13.Tungsten trioxide density?
Fine grain size is 0.6~1.0g/cm3, coarse grain size is 2.4~3.0g/cm3.

14.Tungsten trioxide manufacturer?
China Tungsten Online has been specialized in the production and sell of tungsten trioxide, AMT, APT, tungsten powder, tungsten carbide powder and other tungsten and molybdenum products.

15.Tungsten trioxide content in solution?
Tungsten trioxide is insoluble in water, slightly soluble in acid, its content in sodium tungstate solution can be tested by cinchonine weight method.

16.Tungsten trioxide melting point?

17.Tungsten trioxide sublimation temperature?

18.Tungsten trioxide crystalline structure?
Tungsten trioxide structure is determined by temperature: Above 740℃, it is tetragonal system, 330~740℃, it is orthorhombic system, 17~330℃, it is monoclinic system, -50~17℃ it is triclinic system.

19.Conversion between tungsten trioxide and W atom?
Tungsten trioxide molecular weight is 232, W relative atomic mass is 184. If WO3 content is 99.95%, then W content is 99.95%x184÷232.

20.Can tungsten trioxide absorb water?
Tungsten trioxide is insoluble in water, but will absorb moisture in the air but has no influence to its quality.

21.Tungsten trioxide HS Code?

22.Tungsten trioxide CAS Number?

23.Tungsten trioxide 250g price?
Sample price is settled, less then 500g, the price is $90, delivery cost needs to be checked.

24.Tungsten trioxide reacts with calcium oxide chemical equation?
WO3+CaO = CaWO4

25.Tungsten trioxide application?
Tungsten trioxide can be used in everyday life for many purposes. It is often used in industrial X-ray screen phosphors and fireproof fabric to manufacturing tungstate. Due to its rich yellow element, tungsten oxide is also used as a pigment in paint and ceramics. In recent years, tungsten trioxide has been employed in the production of electrochromic windows, or smart windows. These windows are electrically switchable glass that change light transmission properties with an applied voltage.

26.Tungsten trioxide turns blue?
When reducing tungsten trioxide to tungsten powder, it will turn into blue tungsten oxide first then gradually reducing to tungsten powder.

27.Function of tungsten trioxide in coal measurement experiment?
Tungsten trioxide is used as catalyst during the experiment, it changes the way of chemical reaction, lower the activation energy, let the reaction pass the lower energy barrier which enables the reaction takes place under common environment.

28.Tungsten trioxide and carbon reacting temperature?
They react under high temperature, equation is WO3+4C=WC+3CO

29.Is tungsten trioxide hazardous article?
Tungsten trioxide belongs to general chemicals, it is the raw material for producing tungsten products which is not hazardous article.

30.Tungsten trioxide and aluminum powder reaction equation?

31.Tungsten trioxide and hydrofluoric acid reaction equation?
WO3 + 4HF → H2(WO2F4)+ H2O

32.Will tungsten trioxide be oxidized?
Tungsten trioxide is stable under room temperature, so it wont be oxidized.

33.Oxygen content of tungsten trioxide?
Tungsten trioxide has oxygen vacancy, usually O content of WO3 is not strictly in accordance with stoichiometric ratio, it is expressed as WO3-x. Tungsten trioxide meet stoichiometric ratio and without any impurities should be transparent insulator.

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