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Silicotungstic Acid

Silicotungstic Acid

Chinese Name:硅钨酸
CAS Number:12027-38-2
Chemical Formula:H6O41SiW12
Molecular Weight:2896.19000
Exact Weight:2897.23000

White or pale yellow crystalline, easy to dissolve in water and ethanol, dissolved in its crystal water when heating, decomposed when heated to 600~650 degree celsius.

Producing Method:
Silicotungstic acid can be produced by non-ethel method. Use APT as raw material, by transition, coordinating silicon, exchange and evaporation to obtain silicotungstic acid.
This method is applicable without environmental pollution, the finished product is of high quality.

1、Mainly used as biology-chemical reagent and basic dyestuff.
2、It is organic synthesised catalyst with wide application, can also be used in pigment industry. Made into heavy liquid can be used to flotate mineral; Can be applied in precipitation and identification of alkaloid when used as biological reagent.
Silicotungstic acid can be used as catalyst for the production of ethyl acetate by reaction between acetic acid and ethene:
It is also used as catalyst in the production of acetic acid by ethene:
C2H4 + O2 → CH3COOH

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