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Potassium Phosphotungstate

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English Name: Potassium Phosphotungstate
Chemical Formula: K3PW12O40
Solubility: Insoluble in water
Appearance: White Powder

Potassium Phosphotungstate Preparation

1. Weigh a certain amount of phosphotungstic acid, soluble in redistilled water.
2. Weigh a certain amount of potassium, phosphorus and potassium chloride, dissolve them in redistilled water.
3. Add potassium chloride solution into phosphotungstic acid solution drop by drop, keep stirring, white precipitation occurs gradually, chemical equation is 3KCl+H3PW12O40=K3PW12O40↓+3HCl
After finished dropping, keep stirring for 12 hours, until precipitating process is done.
4. Centrifugation. Dry the precipitation under 60℃ vacuum machine, calcination for 1 hour under 450℃, potassium phosphotungstate is obtained.

Potassium Phosphotungstate Application

Potassium phosphotungstate is a kind of environmental friendly acidic catalyst and oxidative catalyst, can be applied in photocatalyst degradation of organic pollutants such as disperse blue dye, rhodamine B, rhodamine 6G, active dye X3B, and so on. Besides that, potassium phosphotungstate can be used as negative dyeing agent in biological sample dyeing.

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