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Tungsten Bronze Ceramic Structure

Tungsten Bronze Ceramic Structure Picture

In recent years, tungsten bronze ceramic as a potential class of multiferroic materials are more and more focused. Relaxation ferroelectricity of tungsten bronze ceramic structure generated source and law of ferroelectric phase transition changed with composition changing. In the Ba-based tungsten bronze ceramic, tetragonal tungsten bronze structure will form at room temperature, and to form the space group P4/mbm when R=La; while R=Nd and Sm, the space group is P4bm with the poor structural stability.

Tungsten bronze structure compound oxide is a very important class of dielectric material, and this material system has proved to have excellent composition, structure and functional property. Due to the special structure of the tungsten bronze ceramic, it has excellent ferroelectric, piezoelectric, pyroelectric, nonlinear optical properties, which are widely used in SAW filters and resonators, waveguide, optical modulators, infrared detectors and other electronic components. Tungsten bronze ceramic according to its various components has ceramic niobate and tantalate ceramics.

Porous tungsten bronze ceramic material has the structure which benefits to the outermost wearable layer, because these materials are wearable and having relative stability and resistance to sintering under the temperature of up to 1400°C, thus to has the effect of resistance to densification.

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