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Ammonium Paratungstate and Ammonium Tungstate Difference

The biggest difference between ammonium paratungstate (APT) and ammonium tungstate is that APT is produced by crystalline evaporation of ammonium tungstate, it is the down stream product of ammonium tungstate. Its basic property is originated from ammonium tungstate. But they are also differed in many properties.

Ammonium Tungstate PhotoAPT Photo

Chemical Formula:
Ammonium tungstate : (NH4)10W12O41~xH2O
APT: According to different crystallization conditions, it has the following different forms:
(4) 5(NH4)2O·12WO3·11H2O

APT is slightly soluble in water, solubility is less than 2% under 20℃. It is insoluble in ethanol. Ammonium tungstate can be easily soluble in water.

Heat APT to 220~280℃ will lose part of ammonium and crystal water and converts to ammonium paratungstate. Heat to 600℃, it will lose all ammonium and crystal water, then completely converts to tungsten trioxide.
Heat ammonium tungstate to 100℃ will lose tetramolecular crystal water and obtain APT.

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