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Sodium Tungstate Catalyst

Sodium tungstate catalyst reflects its catalytic property, a white water-soluble inorganic tungsten compound solid with the chemical formula of Na2WO4•2H2O, can be used for highly selective catalytic oxidation of aromatic nitriles prepared aramid. Amide is an important organic synthesis intermediates and raw materials of engineering plastics, lubricants ect., the main preparation routes of aromatic nitriles to aramid are by hydrolyzing aromatic nitrile and oxidization of nitrile.

sodium tungstate pictureformula of amide

Some studies have tried to take sodium tungstate as catalyst, sodium percarbonate or hydrogen peroxide solution of sodium carbonate as the oxidant to provide the convenient more way for preparing aromatic amide. In addition, the circulation experiments of sodium tungstate catalyst showed that sodium tungstate can be separated and recovered for reusing, and just the right amount of additional hydrogen peroxide (ie, hydrogen peroxide) can maintain the activity and selectivity of the catalyst system.

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