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Phosphotungstate is a class of salt containing phosphotungstic acid radical, the new type green catalyst, which can be used for visible light photocatalytic degradation of dye, synthesis of organic matter. Phosphotungstate is consisted with phosphotungstic acid radical and metal ions (cesium, copper, potassium, silver, etc.), and formed to cesium phosphotungstate, copper phosphotungstate, potassium phosphotungstate and silver phosphotungstate, in which cesium phosphotungstate is the most in-depth study.

Phosphotungstic Acid Lang Characteristic Absorption Spectra Range PicturePhosphotungstate Keggin Structure Model Picture

Cesium Phosphotungstate can be synthesized by room-temperature solid reaction from raw materials of inorganic cesium salt and phosphotungstic acid. It’s solubility in water and polar organic solvent are very small, can be widely used in heterogeneous catalytic systems, with the high thermal stability, and also has high activity in many reactions.

Copper Phosphotungstate is a product of phosphotungstic acid and nitric acid copper, mainly used as a catalyst for petrochemical oxidative desulfurization, catalytic synthesis of acetyl acetal and green catalytic synthesis of tetrahydrofuran.

Potassium Phosphotungstate is white powdery solid insoluble in water, the precipitate formed by phosphotungstic acid and potassium chloride, mainly as a catalyst for visible light photocatalytic degradation of organic pollutants like dye disperse blue 130, rhodamine B ect., but also for biological sample dyeing.

Silver phosphotungstate has the Keggin structure just like a heteropolyacid, with good stability, visible light absorbable, high catalytic activity, cheap, non-toxic, etc., can be prepared by precipitation, it can be used in the field of organic matter synthesis and photocatalysis.

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