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Waste Tungsten Powder

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Waste tungsten powder is the tungsten powder which can not meet the functional requirements of the subsequent production, maybe arise in processes of production, transportation, storage, using ect.. During the tungsten powder production process, inevitably present on the tungsten powder sieve material which are waste tungsten powder; while, oxidation may occur in the logistics and transportation, storage and using and other processes, or the incorporation of other substances and resulting purity not enough, or the inappropriate use and others reasons will make waste tungsten powder coming into being.

Recycling waste tungsten powder can improve production efficiency and recovery of tungsten, and also solve environmental pollution caused by waste tungsten powder, tungsten losses and security risks and other issues. Studies have pointed out an efficient method of recovering waste tungsten powder, which finally recovers tungsten in the form of sodium tungstate solution, the steps are as bellows:
1. Mix waste tungsten powder, coke, sodium bicarbonate and go on molding process to get cylindrical mixture;
2. Loading the cylindrical mixture in a furnace for preheat treatment;
3. The reactant is transferred to the reaction zone in the furnace after the preheated to get a sodium tungstate-based mixture;
4. Dissolve the sodium tungstate-based mixture to get sodium tungstate solution, and then the process of recycling waste tungsten powder is completed.

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