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Technology introduction of thermal spray

Thermal spray technology is a surface hardening technology which developed rapidly in recent years. China also focus on the promotion of new technology projects. The principle is the use of high-purity propane or kerosene as fuel, to hyperbaric oxygen (or high-pressure air) for combustion-supporting agent, flame flow velocity, the speed can reach  2200m / s, the kinetic energy of powder particles to carry a powerful blow in the matrix form a coating. So that a high density coating can be achieved;under high speed th particle heated up to the semi-molten state against the moment matrix, kinetic energy change into heat almost exclusively, so that particles are once again heating, coating the rapid alloying without oxidized. The c particle will maintain its original physical and chemical properties. Coating and substrat can have high bond strength.

Thermal spray technology is a new developed surface hardening technology promoted by Chinese government. WC/Co powder is one of the most widely used materials in the area. The coatings formed by nano structured WC based powders have very low porosity, high bonding stergth and low residual stress. Because if its excellent properties, such as excellent wear resistance, corro-sion resistance anderosion resistance, thermal spray coatings are widely used in aropsance, steel, oil, electric power, paper printing, autom-obile, tooling, machinery and so on.

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