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Nano Tungsten Disulfide

Overview of Nano Tungsten Disulfide

nano tungsten disulfide phototungsten disulfide nanoparticle electron micrograph

Chinese Name: 纳米二硫化钨
English Name: Nano Tungsten Disulfide
Formula: WS2
Molecular Weight: 247.97
Appearance: Gray or black
EINECS Number: 235-243-3
MDL Number: MFCD00011467
PubChem Number: 24854626

Physical and Chemical Property of Nano Tungsten Disulfide

Nano tungsten disulfide is stable in the air, insoluble in water, alcohols, dilute nitric acid and sulfuric acid; however it is soluble in the mixture of aqua regia and hydrofluoric acid, molten alkali and alkali metal carbonates; it has semiconducting and anti-magnetic property, will be decomposed in the air when heated with the thermal stability higher than molybdenum disulfide, and will be converted to WO3 when heated in air or oxygen atmosphere; nano WS2 has good lubricating property to be a new type of solid lubricant.

Application of Nano Tungsten Disulfide

Application of nano tungsten disulfide is widely mainly as catalyst and lubricant or lubricant additive, performs as follows:
1. In the petroleum catalyst, nano tungsten disulfide as the hydrodesulfurization catalyst, and used as catalyst of polymerization, reforming, hydration, dehydration and hydroxylation ect., moreover, because of its good performance on cracking, stable and reliable catalytic activity, long life and other properties to be welcomed in petroleum refinery.
2. Nano tungsten disulfide is a new type of efficient catalyst in preparation technology of inorganic functional materials.
3. Nano tungsten disulfide can be used as solid lubricant, dry film lubricant and self-lubricating composite material.
4. Nano tungsten disulfide is an important additive in manufacturing high-performance lubricant, to endow lubricant both advantages of solid and fluid lubrication, and has broad application prospects in the synthesis of new lubrication system.
5. Nano tungsten disulfide can be made to anode and used in fuel cell, organic electrolyte rechargeable battery, sulfur in acid oxidation and sensor ect.; also, used for nano-ceramic composite material, and be the good semiconductor material.

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