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Nano Cesium Tungstate

Chinese Name: 纳米钨酸铯
English Name: Nano Cesium Tungstate
CAS Number: 13587-19-4
Molecular Formula: Cs2WO4
Molecular Weight: 513.649
Exact Weight: 513.741
Appearance: Dark blue powder

Nano cesium tungstate is a newly developed nano material, appearance is dark blue powder, can be used as transparent insulating powder, it is the best near-infrared absorption inorganic nano material, has the advantages of uniformity and good dispersion property. In the near-infrared area especially wave length is less than 900nm, the insulating property is better than ATO and ITO, insulating rate can reach 95%, visible light transmittance can exceed 70% at wave length 550nm.

Nano Cesium Tungstate Application
1. Transparent Insulating Coating and Membrane.
2. High performance insulating medium for thermal chemical fiber and textile.
3. Transparent insulating window film and building coating.

nano cesium tungstate imagenano cesium tungstate monocular structure

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