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Tungsten Powder Detonation Flame Spraying

Detonation flame spraying is an interrupted spraying process. That means that, similar to a vehicle motor, with the help of valves via a spark plug a mixture of acetylen, oxygen and coating powder is ignited in the combustor of a detonation pistol. With the shock wave resulting from the ignition the now melted coating powder is applied onto the work piece via an "outlet pipe", which is cooled by water. Then the combustor is cleaned with nitrogen and subsequently refilled. The process restarts, roughly 8 - 12 times per second.

Detonation Thermal Spraying Process

The Detonation gun basically consists of a long water cooled barrel with inlet valves for gases and powder. Oxygen and fuel (acetylene most common) is fed into the barrel along with a charge of powder. A spark is used to ignite the gas mixture and the resulting detonation heats and accelerates the powder to supersonic velocity down the barrel. A pulse of nitrogen is used to purge the barrel after each detonation. This process is repeated many times a second. The high kinetic energy of the hot powder particles on impact with the substrate results in a build up of a very dense and strong coatings.

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