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Tungsten Carbide Powder Price Determining Factor

In addition to the market supply and demand relationship of the external economic environment, the price of tungsten carbide powder determining factor includes its quality, including purity and particle size.

(1) The Purity of Tungsten Carbide Powder
The main content of tungsten carbide powder specified in the national standard, that is, the generation ratio calculated by the quality of covert war tungsten carbide powder, is not less than 99.80% (WC, wt%). If the purity is higher, the price is relatively high. The price of high-purity tungsten carbide powder used in the experiment is incomparable with that of ordinary industrial tungsten carbide powder. If the purity is lower than that, it does not conform to the relevant national standards, and belongs to such products or waste and recycled materials.

(2) Particle Size of Tungsten Carbide Powder
The independent formula of tungsten carbide powder is an important quality index. Its particle size factor has two levels, namely average particle size and particle size distribution. That is, the production cost and price of smaller, such as micron and nanometer, and larger, such as coarse-grained tungsten carbide powder are relatively high; The same strength of tungsten carbide powder refers to the average particle size. The better the uniformity of the average particle size, the higher the price is, that is, the higher the price of tungsten carbide powder with normal distribution and the price of non-normal distribution.

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